Welcome to The Lifetime Athlete!

The journey that each of us takes over a lifetime is indeed remarkable. I’m excited to announce that The Lifetime Body is now the Lifetime Athlete!

This change of one word in my business name represents a subtle shift in the company’s focus and it has been driven by readers, listeners, and clients like you. Over the last several years, I’ve really enjoyed writing and speaking about wellness, longevity, and peak performance. And I’ve especially savored the coaching relationships I’ve developed with many folks. 

A defining tenet of this work became incredibly clear recently. Clients who engage with me the most and who benefit maximally from my services identify themselves in two key ways:

  1. They represent themselves as athletic. They share my view that the human beast is engineered to be supple, mobile, strong, and durable through the lifespan. They also embrace my broader definition of athletic which includes but reaches beyond being a competitive athlete in any sport. The attainment and maintenance of athleticism, or being a high-functioning organism, is simply a facet of their self-perception.
  2. They are highly intrinsically motivated to pursue peak performance. They are willing to put in the work, and eager to reap the rewards of high-level, personalized, results-driven coaching and training. 

It is extremely gratifying to have the opportunity to guide a person to a fitness or athletic success. I’m always honored that people allow me the privilege to work with them in this capacity. It’s really turned out that the clients with whom I do my most satisfying work, get the greatest results, and can best serve — are lifetime athletes. I admire them. I’m inspired by them (you). And that’s who I want to be as well…a lifetime athlete.

So this name change of TLB to TLA (don’t you love three letter acronyms?) really just more accurately describes most of what I’ve been doing over several decades. As I refine and define, and go from somewhat broad and shallow to more narrow and deep, allow me to briefly describe the evolution of my business model:

  • We’ll continue to utilize the TLB system of health and longevity as the foundation for all work. Optimizing food, sleep, movement, ergonomics, and awareness will be the base of the platform. 
  • Now, with TLA, we’ll increase the concentration of output in training, recovery, and mindset.
  • The end goal will be to empower every member of our community to achieve peak performance at any age and to kick ass for life!

Platform-wise, all of the resources will get a facelift and an upgrade. We’ll have The Lifetime Athlete Podcast, Blog, YouTube Channel, books, ebooks, and merchandise available. Right now I’m working on some upgrades to the website and its related offerings. Here’s what the service side of things will look like:

  • Coaching sessions and packages in three main areas:
    • Peak Performance in Lifetime Athletic pursuits
    • Movement Analysis and Injury Solutions
    • Body Composition Tuning and Weight Loss
  • Workshops
    • Online courses and Webinars
    • Live Presentations

It’s fun to change things up and get that feeling of moving in a positive direction. Although I must admit that changing one word in the business name has increased my workload substantially. At least for a while. I hope you enjoy The Lifetime Athlete and that it can help you on your journey to your own peak performances. If you have a question or comment, shoot me an email at john@thelifetimeathlete.com or ping me on Twitter @tlacoachjz. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for lots of great content.

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