Warm Wishes, Musings, and Updates

Can you believe it’s December already? I hope you had a great Thanksgiving celebration and got some killer deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I also hope you are approaching year-end in good health, with a positive outlook, and with most of your ducks in a row.

December, or year-end, means different things to many of us. In business, you may be closing out the 4th quarter, hitting deadlines, and completing projects. At home you might be contemplating Christmas decorating or shopping. And in training…maybe you are finishing up with a goal, are in recovery mode, or you’re looking ahead to the New Year and it’s potential aspirations and resolutions. Whatever you are up to — I wish you well.

I’m drifting into a pattern that seems pretty consistent for me at this time of year. I’m scaling back my training to be briefer and less intense for a few weeks. My diet seems to go lower-carb and more animal-intensive (with the exception of a few holiday feasts and treats). I’m sleeping more. And generally just being more contemplative and appreciative. Some of my best creative work of the year seems to happen at this time. I probably execute more in the summer, and at a higher volume, but the clarity of my vision and purpose is always greatest in December and January. What’s the year like for you?

Since making the (almost) seamless transition from The Lifetime Body to The Lifetime Athlete, the company has been producing some interesting content.

  • On the podcast, there have been several topics of discussion that you may be interested in. You can check out any of these shows on the website, or use your apps on phones and tablets on all the popular media players.
    • Episode 84 dove into the concept of being fit and healthy. It can be a real challenge to enjoy maximum health and peak performance simultaneously, but they can coexist when we pay attention to several key factors.
    • Episode 85 offered some simple tips for training during the winter. Mixing biological needs and performance goals with the sometimes hectic demands of modern holiday living can be a challenge…but there are ways to create the wins.
    • Episode 86 provided an overview of the framework I use to create optimally effective training programs with my clients. This is all evidence-based by current research and can help any coach, athlete, or fitness enthusiast.
    • Episode 87 is a deep-dive perspective on the interrelated topics of hunting, meat, and athletics. These are ingrained in human evolution…and the existence of modern humans — or should be.
  • Getting the YouTube thing back up and rolling with TLA, and a new, informative video called Slideboard 101 is out. This vid shows you how to easily and inexpensively make your own slideboard, and offers some sample exercises and workout suggestions for your training.
  • I’ve got some writing projects in the works that will be coming out soon. This is practical stuff that uses my “science meets common sense” philosophy and areas in training and nutrition are targeted.
  • Last and certainly most important of all, I continue to enjoy the coaching and consulting work that I do with YOU, my highly valued clients. There’s never a day or an interaction that isn’t stimulating, thought-provoking, and an opportunity to learn, grow and strive for peak performance…both in myself and others. 

That’s it for now. Thanks for being awesome and have a fantastic day!

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