The 5-3-1 Lifetime Athlete System

Becoming — and remaining — a lifetime athlete…is as easy as 5-3-1. Employ the 5 foundational components of lifelong health. Then add in the 3 essential elements of peak performance. And you become the 1 optimally-functioning beast for which your genes are programmed: A LIFETIME ATHLETE.

Many of you will say “Where can I sign up?” or “How can I learn more?” Bear with me because we’ll get to that very quickly. But a few folks may bristle and say “I don’t want to be an athlete…you are challenging me and I don’t like it…and I don’t want peak performance.” Maybe you’re pissed. But hear me out for just a minute. Everyone is born an athlete and is genetically wired to remain one. You can be and stay athletic no matter what your pursuit. It might be competitive sports but it could also be playing with your grandkids, crushing it at work, feeling great, and just plain enjoying life more. An athletic body and mind lets you do and be more. Sure, there’s some work involved, but it’s totally worth it. And by the way, don’t the most meaningful things in life generally require a bit of effort?

The 5-3-1 Lifetime Athlete System is the platform that I have developed over three decades and that has helped many people to success in health, fitness, sports, and life. It’s based on the concept that humans are naturally athletic animals and that everyone deserves to enjoy the fulfillment of their athletic potential. Identifying and embracing your inner athlete, and then developing and celebrating it, is the mission.

5-3-1 involves a health-first approach. Here’s what those 5 components look like:

  • Eat S**t and Die [early] Motherf***er! This was a popular term that graffiti writers often scribed on bathroom walls in the 70’s and 80’s. While the intention with their message may not have been the one I’m currently interpreting, there is at least a chance that some of these “artists” were sages who were warning us of the perils of the Standard American junk and fast food Diet. Despite all the controversy that currently exists around the rapidly-evolving diet-related research, the big rock is just don’t eat S**T! Everything else is secondary, and there is room for plenty of open-minded experimentation to arrive at your own, best, but dynamic diet.
  • Get off your A** and move more! Yup, the modern life just has too damn many sedentary aspects. We need an hour a day (or more) of general activity, and about 3 hours total of exercise each week to get all the health benefits of movement. That’s 10 hours a week. Every week contains 168 hours. If you sleep 63 (and you probably should), that leaves 105 hours left. You need to move for 1/10 of that time. No excuses.
  • Back to those 63 hours of sleep. That’s assuming that you are getting 9 hours per night, and it’s of high quality. There may be a few humans who can get by with less, but they are probably outliers…or just liars.
  • Set up your workstation and work environment so that it doesn’t suck. Make your job work for your health. And make your hobbies do the same thing. 
  • Know yourself…and learn as much as you can about those around you. Fit, flow, and harmony lead to better communication and collaboration…and much less consternation!

Ok, so now we go from the straight talk and tough love on lifelong health to the real secrets of Kicking Ass at, for, and in life. These are the essential elements of peak performance.

  • Don’t just exercise randomly like a fitness enthusiast…train like an athlete and WIN. Use the science that we have available to make your training fit your body and your goals. And then apply the common sense and instinctive wisdom that your inner beast naturally possesses.
  • Recover hard! Or, in other words, place as much or even more emphasis on recovery so that you maximally absorb your training and adapt like a real, vibrant beast. Recovery is not just the passage of time…it’s the strategic way you use lifestyle and tools to get the most out of yourself…in every part of life. Learn to understand, respect, and balance stress.
  • Have a positive, flexible, and realistic mindset. Whether your name is Debbie, Darren, or anything else, don’t be a downer. But also don’t get into delusion or denial. Believe to achieve and support others to do the same. 

When all of this mojo is in place, you become a Lifetime Athlete. That’s who I am, it’s who my clients are, and it’s available for anyone. When I work with my clients doing coaching and training, or when I’m speaking and writing about these topics, I use every bit of information and energy I have to make you Hard to Kill. Strong as F**k! Fast as Hell! As mobile as an ocelot! As durable as a rhino! As fatigue-resistant as a migrating goose! 

If you’d like to learn more about how you can become the Lifetime Athlete you’ve always wanted and deserved to be, download your free copy of The 5-3-1 Lifetime Athlete System below. Warning: Consuming this knowledge may increase your lifespan, improve your appearance, enhance your earning potential, and 10x your life satisfaction.

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