Is Your Home Gym Ready to Go?

Whether you believe in New Year’s resolutions or not…the statistics don’t lie: More Americans embark on a fitness or training program, or renew their vigor and dedication towards an existing one — on January 2nd — than at any other time of the year.

And if you are a regular gym-goer, working out multiple times per week at a commercial facility that you love and which is convenient to your home or office…read no further. You already have a system in place and you probably don’t need a home gym.

But — or BUTT if you use Operation BootyJack — if you are someone who doesn’t utilize a commercial gym for any reason (schedule, location, crowds, budget, etc.), you can benefit from a home gym.

A home gym doesn’t have to be overly spacious or expensive. I’ll provide 3 examples:

  • A portable FitKitt which is a bucket or crate containing a mat, kettlebell, tubing with handles, and strap. Under 50 bucks. Stick it in a closet and it’s out of sight but ready to go in seconds. If you have no dedicated space for a workout spot available, this is your ticket. Mobility and circuit training are easy with this setup.
  • A small dedicated space of about 50 square feet in the corner of a room, basement, or garage. Go up to 150 dollars and add a bench, a jump rope, a few dumbbells, a foam roller or medicine ball, and a stability ball. Leave it set up in a clean, well-lit area and it’s always there and ready for your workout routines. Now you’ve got more options for high intensity and resistance training.
  • A purpose-driven home gym area of 100-300 sqft that uses a spare room or garage bay. Budget from $500-1K. Include the products mentioned above and add two pieces of equipment that best fit your needs and goals. 
    • If you’re a cardio enthusiast, purchase an elliptical machine, stationary bike, or treadmill. Use the leftover funds to get a doorway pullup bar.
    • If high intensity work is your jam, consider an air bike or a rower, and grab a power tower for great bodyweight movements.
    • For the resistance and strength training devotee, a power cage, bench, and barbell set are the ticket. 

Those 3 levels of home gym can be adjusted to fit just about anyone’s needs. And you can always build and progress from one level to the next over several years. If you are laying out some goals right now to launch into 2020, a home gym can really contribute to your success. This is also a great time to take advantage of all the “get-in-shape” sales that occur at this time of the year. 

Thank you for reading and good luck with your training. If you’d like more information on the nuts and bolts of home gym setup, check out this video on the subject. And if you want an even deeper-dive discussion, give the podcast a listen. Once you get your gym set up, make sure you’ve got great programming and coaching in place to create a personalized fit, max out your gains, prevent injury, and have FUN. If you need or want expert assistance in the design, installation, and use of your home gym, consider working with me on such a project. I’ve been helping folks like you to get more out of training, at home and elsewhere, for 35 years. I love seeing folks smile from ear to ear as they crush goals in peak performance and solve problems in health and fitness. Enjoy setting up your home gym!

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