Looking Back and Looking Forward

I always find this time of year to be an engaging one. Whether it’s necessary or not, many of us will be looking back at the previous year and reflecting. We’ll think about the high and low points, and what we learned or enjoyed. And we often take a few notes, mental or otherwise, of what worked and what didn’t in our training and lifestyle. Then…armed with this new knowledge and motivation, we make goals and plans for the coming year. 

That’s what this post is all about. I want to highlight a few things that were noteworthy in 2019 and offer up a glimpse of 2020. 

A missive like this one should always begin with gratitude. I really appreciate all of you for being my clients, readers, listeners, and viewers. I’m humbled that there is an audience who is interested in what I have to say about peak performance, health, and longevity. Sharing messages of positivity and empowerment toward optimal living is a genuine privilege, and it’s one that I cherish. Thank you!

2019 saw the transformation of The Lifetime Body into The Lifetime Athlete, and I salute you for guiding me on that journey. You helped me to connect the dots that wellness and athletics can, and should, go together. It was the way you identified yourselves as motivated athletes that led me to realize that the maximized human beast was the condition for which we all are, or should be, shooting.

Regardless of whether you care to make resolutions, I’d like to recap a few resources that TLA produced in 2019 which you might find useful in your programming for 2020.

The e-book peak performance Program series launched as Lifetime Body Programs, and they’ll be joined by more how-to guides under the Lifetime Athlete umbrella.

  • AnimalFit: The body type fitness program that teaches you how to unleash your inner beast and unlock your athletic potential. 
  • Effortless Weight Loss: Ten simple, evidence-based steps to your ideal weight and body composition.
  • The Healthy Workstation: How to employ ergonomics to make your job work for, not against, your health.
  • Fit for the Field: A conditioning program specifically designed for the backcountry hunter and mountain athlete.

There were a couple of articles on the blog that I really enjoyed writing, and that I think would be worthwhile for your peak performance arsenal. Also, you can search for any article by typing in a keyword in the search bar or selecting one of the main categories such as training and rehabilitation.

  • A 2-part series on Dealing with Injuries: Part 1 covered acute injuries and Part 2 explained some of the causes and treatment options for chronic injuries.
  • Get WISE About Training and Recovery: This was a preview to a system I’m developing for my new book on training for the lifespan and it can help you to maximize workout adaptation.
  • Demystifying Movement: Understanding Activity and Exercise for Health: This piece represented a distillation of what the most current research states are the necessary types and amounts of movement for optimal health. I also wrote a brief version of this article for the January 2020 issue of the Costco Connection magazine.
  • The 5-3-1 Lifetime Athlete System: This article described the system that explains how becoming a Lifetime Athlete is as easy as 5-3-1. There is also a free PDF available which provides a deeper explanation of the system.

The Lifetime Athlete Podcast had some really fun and informative episodes. There were a number of interviews with amazing athletes, coaches, and thought leaders. And a few edutainment shows that were very popular.

  • The PT Basics Series started with Episode 53…Fundamentals and is moving toward a dozen shows that provide information on biomechanics, physiology, and self-enhancement that you can use to 10x your training and results.
  • The Right Way to Train Hard!: An explanation of how to properly use intense training to get maximum fitness and performance benefits without compromising your health in the process.
  • How to Create an Effective Training Program: This one says it all. Get more results, have the most fun, and avoid injury!

The Lifetime Athlete YouTube Channel will continue to provide information and instructions on all things health, fitness, and performance. Some of the more useful vids of 2019 include:

  • How to Make a Functional Training Sandbag: This is a great tool that has a ton of workout possibilities, for only a few bucks.
  • Operation BootyJACK!: Of course this free buttock development program is a must-view for any athletic-minded physique enthusiast.
  • Home Gym 101: Here’s a recent video that you might find useful as you set up your home gym for better results in training during 2020.

Moving into the New Year, I’m working on some additions to my platform which includes first quarter goals of completing my latest book and launching a really cool workshop for coaches, trainers, therapists, and athletes — The Hard to Kill Workshop! — Get strong, fast, mobile, and durable and become Hard to Kill! Die Late, Die Healthy, Die Fast! More info will be coming out soon!

And now, as we look forward to 2020 and all its possibilities…I hope you can envision a healthier, more fit, and more productive year. It’s truly my honor to provide resources and commentary that we can all use toward peak performance. Thanks again for an amazing 2019 and let’s crush it in 2020!

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