Get Hard to Kill!

Are you hard to kill? Because that’s what I’d like to be and I’d certainly like to see you be the same. Hard to kill is being strong, fast, mobile and durable. You die late, healthy, and fast. The alternative is to be weak, slow, stiff, and fragile. This equates to expiring early, sick, and slowly. For the most part, the choice is all ours.

When you embrace your inner athlete, and become that person for life, you of course become a lifetime athlete. This isn’t just the state of having an agile and adaptable body, but a mind and spirit that also performs at the highest level. Optimal function is programmed into the human beast, and if we do the right things, we get the greatest results.

Those results are of course peak performance in sports and fitness. But they also include better cognition and mental resilience, greater productivity and success, and maximum happiness and life satisfaction. 

Being Hard to Kill represents the desirable condition on the Healthspan Graph. Not only does a Lifetime Athlete remain Hard to Kill, you just kick more ass at everything you do, from relationships to finance. 

Hard to Kill is a warrior society, but it’s an inclusive one. The Reaper is going to eventually get all of us, but we can fight him off until the very end. Anyone can use the 5-3-1 Lifetime Athlete System and get closer to being their best version of themselves. And you can take your journey into peak performance leaps and bounds further by attending the Hard to Kill Workshop, the seminar that very well could change your life. You can have a higher quality, higher performing life…and it just might last a decade or two longer! Get Hard to Kill!

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