The Gift of Love…The Gift of LIFE!

This Friday is Valentine’s Day! Why not give someone you care about a true gift of love?  How about a gift of LIFE!

I’d like to suggest that you give an important someone, or several special folks, or even yourself…a gift that not only shows you care, but that helps to make life better, more fun, more fulfilling, and more successful. This is a gift that enhances health, fitness, and sports performance while it ensures ideal training, nutrition, and recovery. Here are a few things that come to mind:

  • A massage: Get a gift certificate good for a massage from a skilled practitioner. If you are in Southwest Montana reach out to me and I’ll recommend some great ones.
  • A healthy dinner: Take that special someone out for a delicious meal that nourishes the body as well as the spirit.
  • A free pass to a fitness class for a fun group workout.
  • A session with a personal trainer to have a customized exercise experience.
  • A short-term gym membership to try out a local facility.
  • A session at a local sauna or cryotherapy center to experience hormesis.
  • A recovery aid such as a pair of compression socks or a sleep mask.
  • A mobility tool like a foam roller.
  • A piece of kit for running, cycling, skiing, or hiking.
  • An article of exercise clothing.
  • A day off from chores or other domestic responsibilities.

Showing that you care…and really helping people in their journey toward a more productive and enjoyable life is easy. But…if none of the options listed above speak to you, how about giving, or getting, a seat at the Hard to Kill Workshop! Early-bird registration is still open until Feb 15, and with a seat at this masterclass you can:

  • Learn the ins and outs (pun intended) of breathing mechanics that can regulate your autonomic nervous system states and improve your athletic performance.
  • Discover simple ways to enhance posture that can eliminate pain, improve mood, and increase power.
  • Understand the basic functional movement pattern of the hinge, and how to apply it to both your training and your everyday life.
  • Get the latest information on how to squat properly. No matter what kinds of issues or limitations you’ve struggled with, you’ll find a way to squat effectively and safely.
  • Develop expertise on how the foot functions in walking and running, and how you can move efficiently with less risk of injury.
  • Plus…the secrets to lifelong health and peak performance, including how to design your own, personalized training system.

All of the information about Hard to Kill is available on the web page, and I hope to see you there. In the meantime…Happy Valentine’s Day!

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