Training Tribe Update

As we approach year-end 2021, I’m enjoying the opportunity to both glance back and peer forward regarding the Training Tribe. T2 has been one of my most successful and enjoyable endeavors in recent years. This online group coaching and training community grew from my desire to reach people with an easy-to-access, affordable, and effective conditioning system that is rooted in peak performance and lifelong health. T2 is truly a team of goal-smashers who train year-round across the country. In fact, just like that ZZ Top song, “We’re bad, bad, bad, bad, bad…we’re nationwide!”

The programming in the Training Tribe is unique in that it addresses the 5 capacities of human performance in a balanced annual training plan (ATP). The workouts are scalable to fit almost any level and the content can easily be incorporated into specific sports training or long term athletic development plans. I designed the Tribe so that practically any Lifetime Athlete who is looking for an organized system with communication, accountability, and fun could jump right in. Specifically, the Tribe targets motivated, serious fitness enthusiasts, high-level competitive recreational athletes, and those who want to move through the lifespan staying athletic, peak-performing, and functionally independent. We have folks in their 20’s and 30’s all the way up through the 70’s. Whenever a person has that epiphany – that light-bulb moment – when they say “Hey, I want to look and feel good, move well, and get the most out of my fitness and life and I need a system that works, doesn’t wreck my body, and fits into my lifestyle”…they become Tribe-ready. 

Cost is not an obstacle with T2. For a “latte a day” price you get daily programming, instructional exercise videos, weekly meetings and group workouts, a forum, bonus coaching for your goals, and additional programs in health and performance. Complexity is not a problem. Everything is laid out in text, table, and video format and we use our meetings and forum to address all questions and concerns. This thing is working. In fact, that’s what I want to talk about in this update.

The Tribe is nationwide, but local members train together outdoors in the summer in Southwest Montana. We take that fun, fitness, and fellowship into the realm of light exposure, vitamin D, grounding, and just plain camaraderie in the outdoors. The results are phenomenal. I’ve seen people achieve performance goals, lose weight, improve health markers, restore function, and more. This S**T Works! That’s the statement one of our local members (who experienced some major conditioning breakthroughs at age 75) made last summer in reference to our training sessions. In fact, that statement became so popular it made it onto one of the t-shirts in the merchandise shop. 

As I look ahead to 2022, there are a few things The Tribe will be focusing on that I think are worth sharing. Here goes.

  •  Advancements in the ATP: The annual training plan will continue to use 5 blocks per year. Every block will touch on all 5 capacities in strength, speed, power, agility, and endurance and each block will have a major emphasis on one of those components. However, I’ll be using feedback and data we’ve collected to adjust some of the programming to be slightly more integrated and progressive.
  • Body Recomping: January is the Shed n’ Shred and February is the Slash n’ Burn! This will be a group diet and nutrition plan in addition to our training with team meetings and support. Dropping holiday pounds and getting ready for the wedding and beach has never been easier. We’ll be using the latest science in metabolism, food, and sustainable results.
  • Home Gym Help: We have a variety of resources available to help members set up a simple, efficient, and cost-effective training center, as well as their portable FitKitt for outdoor training. This winter we’ll be doing a seminar on the topic covering ways to be creative and achieve the win.
  • Running Demons: We’ve got a subgroup that a number of Tribe members urged me to put together last year. It’s the Running Demons! Don’t run from your demons, run with them! This is a coaching and training team within the Tribe that I support with training schedules, injury prevention/management, virtual comps, and advice. For those who love running and want to be a well-rounded, athletic runner…this is the ticket.
  • Speed Camp: TLA will be doing a speed development camp this year in the Bozeman area. It will be a multi-day workshop and workout affair targeting athletic speed and change of direction ability. Speed camp tuition will be waived for T2 members who have been with the team for 6 months or more.
  • Fit for the Field V2.0: Our soon to be revised conditioning system for backcountry hunters and mountain athletes will run as both a local and online course in summer 2022. Legacy Tribe members will have free access to the program which will meet outdoors in various locations several times per week.
  • Tribe Weekend: We’ll have a special celebration weekend in July. Tribe members from around the country will be invited to come to SW Montana and enjoy a series of workshops, workouts, and competitions. There will be a hike and splash cold plunge experience, and a BBQ finale.

So that’s what’s up with the Tribe. More info will be coming out in the future about all these events and programs. If you are a member, thanks so much for being a part of this excellence train. If you are interested, read All About T2 and see if the fit feels right. Stay Hard to Kill. We are all in this together!

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