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T2 Programming 2021-01-25

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Things to Know About Online Training

The title is self-explanatory. Finding ways to keep your training effective, and stay connected with your peers, is what this post is all about. I love gyms and athletic facilities. I love face-to-face coaching. I love team and group workouts and competitions. But those situations aren’t as easy to facilitate these days. The most obvious reason is the ongoing coronavirus…

Ep146 – The Evolution of the Training Tribe!

The Lifetime Athlete
Ep146 - The Evolution of the Training Tribe!

This is the story of how I developed the Training Tribe, which is The Lifetime Athlete’s online group coaching and training platform. This evolution started way back in 1977 when I first started designing programming. It’s been a great journey. Hope you like the story and the description of what makes T2 unique. This podcast was brought to you by…