Summer Fun!

The Summer Solstice is upon us and summer is officially kicking off. I’m hoping you’ve been doing lots of fun things and have many more planned. Seize the season! I’m sharing a brief video which depicts one of the many awesome things we are doing in the Training Tribe, again this year. We train for LIFE! And we live it. In the summer, our Annual Training Plan features several outdoor workouts each week. Folks do these nationwide because they get all the programming information from me, and then they send me some incredible stories of their successes.

One of our weekly assignments is the Hormesis Hustle. This is a workout that involves some walking, a bit of boulder lifting, hill running, cold plunging, fellowship, and feasting. I’ve got people doing variations of this in the inner city of Baltimore and the humidity of Houston. Folks who live #findaway #noexcuses. The local southwest Montana crew had a few members come out for a recent session, and it was spectacular. Hormonal upregulation. Aerobic power development. Muscle building. Testosterone. Growth hormone. Dopamine. Serotonin. Norepinephrine. Oxytocin. The sympathetic spike. The parasympathetic baseline. Improved sleep, body composition, and self-confidence. This shit works and I’ve got a t-shirt (which you can buy on the Shop page) to prove it.

Adults are not supposed to have this much fun and get in this kind of shape…or maybe that’s exactly how our genes are programmed!

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