Training Tribe Begins the Outdoor Season!

The 2021 summer training program for The Lifetime Athlete Training Tribe starts May 1st! This is exciting stuff and frankly it’s my favorite part of the year. Even though the Tribe is online year-round and nationwide, our programming utilizes dedicated outdoor workouts several times per week from May through August. Local tribe members in the Gallatin Valley of Montana will be meeting for outdoor training sessions on Monday and Thursday evenings at 6pm and Saturday mornings at 10am all summer. The locations vary and are announced in the weekly member programming content which all Tribe members receive. Sunshine, oxygen, fellowship, and fitness…all combined like no other. If you are interested in joining the tribe and taking your workout mojo into the great outdoors, no matter where you live, just check out Training Tribe for more information…or listen to episode 179 of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast: Take Your Training Outside!

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