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Here at The Lifetime Athlete, we are in the middle of a t-shirt giveaway! I’m also starting up a crowdsourcing project for a new book and I’d like to ask a favor. This brief post will tell you what I’m up to and how you can get a great shirt.

First I’ll fill you in on this new project. I’m really excited about it. As many of you know, I’ve been developing a model (a very generalized framework) of ideal human nutrition for many years, particularly the last decade. I’ve written and spoken extensively about what I had been calling the “Planet-Based Diet.” As the name suggests, my original intention was to make this nutritional paradigm a play on words (just to keep us all thinking) because the “Planet” in the diet was earth. The main focus was to emphasize wholesome, earthbound foods instead of heavily processed items. The diet exists in a broad middle ground (under the bell-shaped curve of biology) that is between, but inclusive of, both plant-based and animal-based ideologies. Now, the PBD is the EBD. I like the name better and it helps to foster a welcoming community instead of ostracizing anyone.

The gist of the EBD project is not to create a rigid, one-size-fits-all doctrine, but instead to assemble sound and easily agreed upon principles that anyone can use to customize and optimize their personal nutrition. It’s also a “science meets common sense” project in that much of the content is evidence-based (from peer-reviewed clinical trials utilizing double-blinded, randomized controlled studies on human subjects as opposed to the cherry-picking of abstracts in observational epidemiology and rodent research) in addition to being well-supported by human experience, tradition, and wisdom (which must never be overlooked). I’m approaching the EBD itself as a reliable foundation. The book, however, will perhaps be unlike most in its field. It will be irreverent, sarcastic, explicit, and humorous. I feel what we need right now on this topic is strong, clear messages that are actionable. If those messages make us laugh, mo bettah! 

PK and I just released Ep226 of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast and it’s (you guessed it) called The Earth-Based Diet! Here’s my request for the favor. If you have an hour to spare, give the pod a listen and then reach out to me via email or on Instagram with any questions, comments, or topics you’d like to see included in the book. This episode has some explicit language and is consistent with the theme of the book project. If that’s not your thing, no worries. I really appreciate your feedback and assistance with getting this right.

The Lifetime Athlete Podcast is currently running a t-shirt giveaway. To enter, simply go to your favorite podcast listening platform (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.) and leave a rating and review. The most compelling entry will be awarded a TLA t-shirt of your choice. Check out the Shop page to see all the great styles. The winner will be announced on an upcoming show.

Thanks for your help. All the best!

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