It (Summer) Is Almost Over!

Summer is almost over. Weather-wise, that sorta depends on where you live. But thinking “calendar-ly” we generally see a pattern shift when August flows into September. Labor Day, in addition to its traditional observance, also generally marks a change in mindset and focus for most people. They transition from summer to fall activities and schedules.

All that stated, we’ve still got a little summer left and I’m hoping you can make the most of it. I’ve had what I think I’ll call a relatively dynamic summer. There have been some challenges along with some joyous occasions. Times of busy-ness and periods of peace and restoration. I’ve relished the long daylight hours, the fresh produce, the heat, and those incredible sunsets. But I’m not quite done with summer yet. I’m going to squeeze in a few outings, projects and workouts that will make my summer feel complete. 

I love the fall and I am looking forward to it, but one thing I learned from my great, late friend Larry was not to “rush the seasons.” He taught me to appreciate each season and to participate in it to the fullest. And then make a gradual transition and progressive buildup into the next season. This applies not just to sports or fitness, but to all of life. 

I hope you have a fantastic conclusion to your summer. Give summer the patience and attention it deserves and let it return to you the warmth and vitality that only comes from our most vibrant season.

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