Sprint Like a Surfer!

Now here’s an interesting thought! There are definitely some parallels between sprinting and surfing. Allow me to explain.

Surfers do three main things in their process. So do sprinters. Get out. Get up. Get on.

Simple concept. Huge return on investment.

A surfer will get out, or paddle in accelerating fashion to catch the forming wave. Sprinters drive out hard from the blocks or a 3-point start position. Surfers get up onto their board and into their stance. Sprinters gradually rise into their upright running mechanics. Surfers get on the wave’s face and do their thing. Sprinters get on top of their gear and hit maximum velocity.

The World Championships in Track and Field are happening now in Budapest Hungary. You’ll see the athletes do the aforementioned steps in the sprints and jumps. It’s impressive.

There are 3 phases to the classic 100-meter dash. Acceleration. Maximum Velocity. Minimization of Deceleration (speed maintenance). 

The leg cycle looks like a “tipped ellipse.” The trail leg recovers and then sets up to attack or strike the ground aggressively.

The fastest runners do two things better than everyone else. They strike the ground harder and they spend the least amount of time on the ground (reduced ground contact times). 

The sprinting foot strikes the ground like a claw in a supinated position. It pushes off like a paw in a partially pronated context. 

These are keys to linear speed performance. They are necessary for every Lifetime Athlete. And they are explained in great detail in the following podcast.

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep316 – Bonus Speed Episode!

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