Ep101 – How to Simultaneously Achieve Peak Performance and Maximum Health!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep101 - How to Simultaneously Achieve Peak Performance and Maximum Health!

It is possible to simultaneously achieve peak performance and maximum health…if we do a few things correctly. Understanding that health and performance are related but different aspects of the human condition is important. The beast becomes ultimate when recovery is emphasized with training, and when frequency is respected with competition. These and more secrets to success are featured in this episode.

  • Peak Performance is maximum output.
  • Health is optimal function.
  • Activity gets us most of the way there for health, but performance requires intelligent training.
  • Recovery is more than the passage of time, it’s an artistic application of many factors.
  • The human beast is durable and made to be stressed…in the right amount.
  • Monitoring and sensing are critical applications for knowing how your training is affecting you.
  • Stress and rest must be cyclical and natural.
  • Tapering, peaking, and deloading are essential for athletic longevity.
  • Be careful not to override your body’s signals of fatigue…they are valid.
  • Save the biggest efforts for special occasions.
  • Coach yourself or work with a great coach.
  • Sports are amazing, but you have to balance all of life to get the best results and to preserve your health and longevity.
  • You are a brilliant beast and you can succeed.

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