Ep102 – Coaching Tips for 2020 and Beyond!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep102 - Coaching Tips for 2020 and Beyond!

In this absolutely scintillating episode of the pod, PK & I discuss coaching tips that you can use in the year 2020, and beyond. We go over a number of topics that can help you to make your training more successful and enjoyable.

  • The basic tenets of a productive coaching relationship. A good coach is a mentor and an advisor…not a dictator.
  • The art of giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • How greater self-awareness and autonomy are an essential goal of coaching.
  • The importance of identifying and prioritizing your primary objective.
  • Why training is more like cooking than baking.
  • Peak performance is an inherent ability as much as it is a specific output.
  • The art of tracking and recording essential data, and how to frame it.
  • Being a Lifetime Athlete allows us to get more out of every area of our lives.
  • The Hard to Kill Workshop on Feb 29 will provide the secrets to success.

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