What’s In Your Home Gym?

What’s in your home gym? Instead of asking you which credit card is in your wallet, let’s discuss home gyms.

As more and more people are training at home these days, there are practically innumerable options available for home exercise and conditioning. Virtually any budget or space constraint can be served, and I’ve been impressed with the creativity with which many of you have solved problems and created wins in home training. 

I have a special request that won’t take more than a minute of your time. If you’d be so kind, please send me a photo of your home training setup to john@thelifetimeathlete.com and here’s what I’m hoping to do:

  • Share a collection of these photos to serve as inspiration for others to create home gyms that work for their workouts.
  • Gain additional insights and ideas that I can use to help others succeed in athletics and fitness.

That’s it. One of my major motivations in doing this is to encourage everyone to take advantage of the sales on fitness equipment which will pop up after Christmas and go on for the first few weeks of January. This is the time of year when the greatest discounts on fitness equipment exist and it’s also when sales are higher than at any other time. It’s been a tough year regarding pricing and availability, but there will be some deals coming up. But they will go fast. FAST!! If you wait, you’ll lose out. So, maybe think about what you might want/need and then make a strategic strike to seize this opportunity.

If you feel like you need additional information about what might be good for your home gym plan, I have some additional resources:

As you can see from those resources, I’ve had a lot of experience in helping clients design home training programs and centers. In fact, I’ve been doing this as part of my professional service for several decades. There is always a way to make it work when we blend a little practicality with imagination and science. This is one of the things I currently focus on with my 1-on-1 coaching clients and with members of our online training community, The Training Tribe. 

I hope this information can be helpful to you and that you can get some ideas for upgrades to your home gym. Whether you are planning a New Year’s resolution fitness program or not (there is data to suggest that this may not be the best time of year to go bonzo), now is the best time to snag some gear. Happy Holidays and thank you for being a part of our growing Lifetime Athlete community!

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