2023 Spring Community Update

Howdy you amazing and fantastic community member! There’s been so much going on lately I felt like an update of sorts was in order. I’m often humbled and inspired by how my job description continues to be refined and defined. Offering the promise of vitality. Applying advanced athletic and wellness science to the general population. Trying to stave off The Reaper. In my own case perfecting the ultimate turd polish! It’s all good.

Fit for the Field is open for the year, and it’s going gangbusters. This is the ultimate conditioning system for the backcountry hunter, and it uses many of the proprietary methods and systems I’ve been developing/perfecting over the past 4 decades. I want to personally welcome all the participants in this post and I can’t wait to engage with you via email coaching as well as in our live events. You can learn more about FftF in the Education menu item under Course Previews if you are interested. You can purchase this training program anytime and use it as you see fit, but there is an early bird 15% registration discount thru April 30. We are running the 16-week pre-season conditioning class April 24 to August 12. It’s equal parts awesome and exciting.

Last year in Fit for the Field we put on The Lifetime Hunter Online Summit and it was quite successful. We’re doing it again this year, on July 7, with a series of short presentations on advanced training techniques, in-field nutrition, injury prevention, and more. It’s really enjoyable to engage with the intelligent, motivated, and hardworking folks on our team.

New this year is the community-wide and totally free 2023 Lifetime Athlete Rendezvous. This is a gathering of like-minded individuals in Bozeman, Montana July 14-15. The “Rondy” will be featuring a luncheon and workshop, several group workouts, and a game-grilling/sunset extravaganza finale. Registration is required (but totally free) and everyone in our community is welcome. It’s a weekend of fun, fitness, food, and fellowship set in the glory of mid-summer in southwest Montana. More information will be available soon and you can sign up at the 23 Rendezvous page beginning May 1st.

T2 is on fire as well. The Training Tribe is finishing up the Strength (and Hypertrophy) Block in which we have really hammered on resistance training for 3 solid months. Folks are reporting excellent gains. As you are probably well aware, T2 uses an Annual Training Plan that balances the 5 capacities of human performance, or athleticism. They are strength, speed, power, agility, and endurance. We’re about to enter the Power Block. It’s a two-month exploration into the anaerobic expression of Force X Distance divided by time and sustained maximal aerobic output. Mainly it’s just fun. We work hard all winter so we can safely and effectively go balls-out when it’s go-time. Local cats have been doing some pre-season track and field workouts in an “atmospheric re-entry” module.

I’ve talked about “slow fitness” before. Zone 2 steady-state cardio, basic resistance training, and a bit of mobility work is good. It should actually be the foundation of our training regimens. But that next level…the animalistic, fast, powerful, and agile stuff – which every human is designed to do and deserves to have the ability – has always been a tough sell in the genpop for me. Fears of injury, intimidation, and misconceptions abound. That’s why TLA helps people to embrace these qualities through the lifespan. The alternative is not even worth arguing.

The Merch option on the “Shop” menu item has recently been completely updated. All of our inspirational, and team-representing designs are now offered at Spring discount pricing. There’s a lot of cool stuff in there, from t-shirts and hoodies with cool slogans to tech wear and workout support items. 

The coaching client scene continues to provide me with equal parts challenge and satisfaction. The health and performance coaching model that I’ve crafted over the years continues to gain in popularity. Folks who really want to be concise in their approach to a specific goal are the ones I’m attracting. These are people who love the process of vision-goal-plan and they apply it to get out of pain, achieve health and body composition goals, and of course frigging smash fitness and athletic goals. People who are highly motivated and disciplined, are not willing to accept the mediocrity of mainstream medicine or wellness, and who hire me to work hard with and for them. I couldn’t be more happy or honored for this privilege.

I’m sure there is more going on that I should have mentioned, but that’s what’s on my mind right now. Thanks for joining me today and if you think TLA can help more folks you know, I’d appreciate you turning them on to our gig.

  One thought on “2023 Spring Community Update

  1. Beth
    April 20, 2023 at 3:00 pm

    Hi JZ, long time no see/talk! We think of you and Eileen often. The spouse of an acquaintance of mine is having back troubles with little relief from PT/ortho and was wondering if you might be able to help this person. I wasn’t sure if you were still working your PT magic in addition to TLA. I’ll pass along your contact info if you think you can assist. Best Regards, Beth

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