Ep069 – Dr. Darren Schmidt…Nutritional Healing

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep069 - Dr. Darren Schmidt...Nutritional Healing

I recently had the outstanding opportunity to visit with Darren Schmidt, D.C., who is the director of the Nutritional Healing Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Darren emphasizes nutrition as the most powerful tool in health restoration and maintenance. Here are some of the highlights of what turned out to be an empowering and inspiring conversation:

  • Health and healing are dependent upon the restoration of ideal mitochondrial function within every cell of the body.
  • Achieving a state of nutritional ketosis through a low-carb diet is a key in reversing disease processes.
  • It’s important to get adequate amounts of protein in the diet.
  • Some folks do better on high fat diets while others require a lower total percentage of dietary fat to achieve their health goals.
  • Like it or not, there are people who don’t want you to be happy, healthy, and successful. We need to avoid toxic relationships and pursue those which uplift and support us…and do likewise for others.
  • Healthcare consumers need to have a basic understanding of research and a sense of responsibility for their own wellness.
  • Beyond the basics, we all need to experiment to fine-tune our diet and lifestyle for best results.

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