Ep131 – The Role of the Foot in Athletic Speed Development

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep131 - The Role of the Foot in Athletic Speed Development

The foot is the foundation of not only our bodies, but for all our land-based performance. The role of the foot in athletic speed development is one of both a claw and a paw. We strike the ground with a rigid claw like a hammer. Then the foot undergoes a specific amount of pronation, becoming a paw, to adapt to the support surface. And before we push off, it re-supinates (or should) back into a claw. Getting faster involves optimizing this relationship by:

  • Increasing foot and ankle stiffness through isometric strength and tendon elasticity.
  • Decreasing ground contact times to spend less time in residence with the earth.
  • Harnessing free speed through improved mechanical function.

Additional resources include videos demonstrating exercises and discussing the scientific basis of this phenomenon, as well as an article explaining how this all works for The Lifetime Athlete.

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