Ep091 – The 5-3-1 Lifetime Athlete System!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep091 - The 5-3-1 Lifetime Athlete System!

Becoming, and remaining, a Lifetime Athlete…is as easy as 5-3-1. In this episode, PK & I discuss the 5-3-1 System and how it can help you to crush sports goals, achieve high fitness, ultimate wellness, and an amazingly satisfying life. You’ll learn how to combine the 5 foundational pillars of Lifelong Health with the 3 essential elements of Peak Performance. This all adds up to you being the 1 Lifetime Athlete that’s in your potential and for which your genes are programmed.

Also, just a quick warning…I marked this show as explicit. That’s because there were just a few bits of strong language in our conversation. That’s really because this is a very strong message about which we are so passionate. I bleeped over these words but you can still hear them if you listen hard. Hope you appreciate the heartfelt energy and aren’t offended. Rock on!

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