Ep110 – Yoga Versus CrossFit!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep110 - Yoga Versus CrossFit!

Many clients will often ask me questions regarding their exercise and training choices. One of the commonly occurring comparisons is between yoga and CrossFit. It’s my position that every style of movement has it merits and no one way is necessarily good/bad or right/wrong. PK joins me today as we discuss some of the pros and cons of each methodology. We describe the pluses and minuses of yoga and CrossFit objectively, and we make recommendations for Lifetime Athletes to utilize in optimizing your training experiences and outcomes.

  • We should select exercises and training based on what fits our unique bodies…our gifts and deficiencies.
  • Training should enhance health.
  • Exercise and sports should be fun!
  • Our workout behaviors require both variety and consistency.
  • Yoga is more than just stretching.
  • Yoga has a focus on breathing, posture, and spirituality.
  • Parasympathetic (rest and digest) autonomic nervous system states are supported by yoga participation.
  • Yoga requires very little space, equipment, or cost.
  • CrossFit turns all-around fitness into a legitimate sport.
  • CrossFit embraces challenge…accomplishing hard things is meaningful.
  • CrossFit builds a strong community and tribe.
  • XFit builds a more versatile and durable human beast.
  • Yoga enhances mobility, but falls a bit short in aerobic fitness, strength, speed, and power.
  • You have to be intelligent with yoga when you have joint hypermobility.
  • XFit builds all around fitness but can overexpose the genpop to high intensity and compromise recovery.
  • We should be inspired from CrossFit and yoga, and apply them to our own training.
  • All 5 categories of training (aerobic, mobility/stability, resistance and strength, high intensity repetition, and max velocity) must be trained in the human beast to achieve lifelong athleticism.
  • Let’s keep an open mind and refrain from name-calling.

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