Ep113 – What to do About Chronic Stiffness and Soreness!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep113 - What to do About Chronic Stiffness and Soreness!

Chronic stiffness and soreness is not fun, and it doesn’t have to be a part of your existence as a Lifetime Athlete. Actually these factors mainly represent a mismanagement of inflammation, and while the symptoms are treatable, the actual causes are totally preventable.

  • Training needs to be appropriately designed for your unique body and goals, as well as your current health status. And, it needs to be executed intelligently and flexibly. A good coach can make all the difference here.
  • Sleep should never be undervalued in the stiffness and soreness arena. If you train more, sleep more. If you sleep less, train less. Make the adjustments.
  • Food can be a powerful impactor of tissue status as well as overall health. If you are stiff, sore, achey, or have rashes and allergies, you’re probably eating something that is a trigger food for an autoimmune reaction. Try an elimination diet and see how great you can feel.
  • Lifestyle factors are many, and a lot of them can make you stiff and sore. Stop sitting for long periods of time. Tune up your workstation. Know thyself and set up your day for an optimal flow state. Laugh a lot and spread joy to others.

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