Knowing Your Body Best!

It can be said that only YOU know your body best. And in most cases that’s true. But self-knowledge is an ongoing process and when we can enhance our understanding of our uniqueness…good things happen.

This is both the central tenet of how I work with my coaching clients as well as the theme of a series I’m doing right now on The Lifetime Athlete Podcast. I’ve learned over many years that the best results in movement quality, pain resolution, health status, body composition, fitness, and athletic performance come when we (myself and the client as coach and athlete) know as much as possible about the organism in question (the client or trainee). This is equally important for the self-coached individual. 

Making good choices about exercise selection, training programs, and lifestyle interventions is where efficacy and results are made. That’s certainly been my experience and it’s my mission. Whether you are working on a New Year’s resolution, or just continuing on your journey in health, fitness, and sports, I’m hoping you are getting great outcomes. This all comes down to the “fit” of whatever you are doing. If it matches you in several key areas, you are golden. 

When you are in a situation where your training helps you to feel good (both physically and psychologically) and you look forward to it, it’s easy to be consistent. And that’s one of the big keys. When things fit, there is less “fight” and way more “flow.” 

That’s where the self-knowledge about your body (and total being) comes into play. Understanding, appreciating, and embracing your inner animal, the human beast that you are, is pure money. You know what to do and how to do it to get the best results and make your body last a lifetime. 

That’s exactly what AnimalFIT is all about. It’s one of the proprietary systems I use with my clients, and it’s all laid out in my book AnimalFIT. It’s a very unique way of looking at human form and function in an empowering, non-discriminating manner. There’s actually nothing like it out there because it teaches the reader and user how to assess his/her unique gifts, traits, strengths, and weaknesses – and then to put together training that balances performance and longevity in stunning fashion.

It’s community feedback that is driving this series. When I observe how this small platform, or network is growing, AnimalFIT is definitely a major reason. Feedback from articles, videos, podcasts, and social media often revolve around this topic. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and to help others as best I can. If you are inclined to listen along, that’s great. I’ll be publishing a new podcast episode every week or so (possibly more frequently if listeners request) on the AnimalFIT method and philosophy. The pod is available on all the major players like Apple, Spotify, and Amazon (among others) as well as on the website.

And if you really want to Unleash Your Inner Beast and Unlock Your Athletic Potential, you can grab a copy of the book. Just hit the AnimalFIT menu item on the website. Watch the video. Learn about the 9 magnificent beasts in the AnimalFIT kingdom. Check out some athletes and performers who represent those beasts. Take the Quiz and see what your inner beast might be.

If you’ve ever wanted a little more out of your fitness and athletic endeavors – or if you’ve been frustrated by programs that just didn’t work, AnimalFIT could be your gamechanger!

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